Welcome to the Sherri Banta Group- Your Trusted Partner in Financial Planning

Here at Sherri Banta Group, we are a team of financial professionals who are fiduciaries and brokers. Our mission is to protect and grow your current and future income. We accomplish this by offering no risk, no loss, no fee options. We advise you to insure your health and protect your wealth, with the use of modern insurance products that include living benefits. We provide peace of mind, and we love what we do for you. We keep your best interest at heart. Liscense #0E44399 National Producer #8140089

Why Sherri Banta Group?

Empowering Your Financial Future

As a financial planning service business, we pride ourselves on fostering a warm, nurturing environment that prioritizes empathy and understanding. You can trust that we will listen attentively to your concerns and work tirelessly to provide solutions that resonate with your unique circumstances.

Experienced Fiduciary Guidance

Your financial well-being is our top priority. With an experienced fiduciary leading our team, we are bound ethically and legally to act in your best interests. Rest assured, our advice is unbiased and always tailored to your long-term benefit.

Serving Communities Across California And The Nation

Our team of dedicated financial planners are strategically positioned throughout California, allowing us to extend our services to diverse communities across the state. We work with over 10 A rated carriers, which means we shop for you, helping you to avoid hours of stressful research trying to find the cream of the crop. Our founder is a nationally recognized producer of life insurance which allows us to service across the United States of America or if you move internationally. We  understand the distinct needs of each client and leverage our expertise to create solutions that suit your lifestyle and goals.

The Power of Number Facts

Data-driven decisions lead to financial success. Our team harnesses the potential of number facts to optimize your financial strategy, identify areas for cost savings, and maximize the efficiency of your investments.

Personalized and Down-to-Earth Approach

At Sherri Banta Group, we believe financial planning should never feel intimidating. Our agents will break down complex concepts into simple terms, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your options and feel confident in your decisions.