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We Don’t Sell, We Consult. We Got Your Back!

Jenna Golias – The Light Hereafter

“I can’t say enough good things about Sherri Banta!  When I moved to California after being a travel nurse for 5 years, I was looking for a financial planner to help me organize my funds and to make sure I was set up for the best possible outcome for my future.  A good friend referred me to Sherri and I am so grateful that she did. Sherri has helped me allocate all of my previous retirement funds into a safe, profitable account and has set me up with a very favorable retirement plan. Sherri is extremely hard-working, dedicated, responsive and knowledgeable.  She puts her clients’ best interest above everything and I trust her completely.  She has been so helpful in my transition and has a heart of gold. I am so grateful for Sherri!”

Patrice .J.
“Admittedly, I’m not a “money” gal. Spending it is not a problem! Making it work for me and securing my future income into retirement is definitely where Sherri’s expertise is and I am so glad she has my back!
If you are looking for someone to help demystify the art of securing your financial future, I can assure you Sherri will take care of you … and you just might even enjoy the process.”

“Sherri Banta is upfront, honest and will do what’s in your best interest. She is not pushy or obtrusive but she will be that for you in order to get your paperwork submitted and get you covered. Plus, she is very funny and has a big heart. I completely trust Sherri and our family is so happy we found her for our Life and Living Benefits Insurance needs.
If you don’t have insurance to cover yourself while you’re living, you may be screwed during these times of hardships.  Let Sherri help you!!  Nobody should be ruined financially because of an injury or terminal illness or worse case, death.
Protect yourself and your loved ones NOW before it’s too late…..Make the appointment and leave your wallet at home for the first visit.  It will make sense to cover yourself and your family.

Tracy S.

Sherri helped both myself & my mom stop the 401K bleeding and helped us save our hard earned retirement. She does such a great job explaining how you deserve the best coverage, with the best return!  She truly cares about her clients and their financial future!!!

Misty C.

“When I think of life insurance I think of a policy you have to die to use. Sherri told me about a policy that I don’t have to die to use. This policy not only could provide finances for my son in the event that I die, but also give me money if I become ill so that I can still provide for my son and could also be used as additional tax free retirement income!! Who wouldn’t want something like this?! Not only is it inexpensive it’s priceless. Thank you Sherri for helping me not only protect myself, but my son and future as well.”

Melissa F.

“I trust my future and retirement with Sherri so should you! Because of her myself and my family will be taken care of today tomorrow and forever! There’s nobody else I could see trusting more with my family and our future!”

Jackie S.S.

“I just turned a new chapter in my life and Sherry made it possible for me to insure my retirement assets but most important she worked extremely hard to get me an insurance policy that literally too good to be true !!! But it is. I am so impressed with her talent and knowledge of her outstanding job.”

Linda N.B.

“Although we got a late start with Sherri (wish we would have done something 10 years ago), she is helping us out now. A pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable. If you need financial planning the Sherri Banta Group is where you should go. We were given very savvy advice. Sherri is a very caring woman and lots of fun to be around. Very professional. Thank you Sherri.”

Amy S.

Not only is Sherri knowledgeable about life insurance, she is a joy to work with. She takes the time to meet individual needs and concerns and truly cares about her clients. Sherri offers great products and will take the time to thoroughly explain them until you are confident about what fits your personal needs and lifestyle.