Everything you need to know, explained!

A fiduciary is someone who acts on behalf of a client by managing their assets all the while keeping their BEST interest at heart. As a fiduciary, it is my duty to protect you, your family, AND your money.

As brokers, our job is to work with insurance companies (A rated or better), and you. We shop for the best plan based on your needs analysis. Tailor made for you, because one size doesn’t fit all!

Riders are coverage in a life insurance policy, often at no additional cost. Riders help cover life events that your standard policy does not. Riders will provide benefits for chronic and critical illness.

A principal is the original sum of money borrowed in a loan or put into an investment.

Your financial objectives are your stated goals as described to the insurance agent or insurer. These may include but are not limited to: Income, Growth (long term appreciation), safety of principal and income, safety of principal and growth, to pass the investment to a beneficiary at death.

This is the degree of uncertainty than an investor can reasonably tolerate with regard to a negative change in their investments. Examples include the following: conservative (prefer little to no risk), moderate (average risk with potential losses and potentially higher returns),and aggressive (willing to sustain losses or loss of principal in pursuit of higher returns).

A tax status is the owner’s federal income tax filing status such as “single” or “married filing jointly” ; if “exempt” state so.